Settings & Customization

Vexera comes with a rich customization suite to provide you with the best experience.

Setting a custom prefix

As the default prefix of Vexera is +, you may want to change it to something else which is more handy for you, like !.
You can do this by using +prefix ! and after that, all commands may be ran like !ping.
To disable the custom prefix, do [your prefix]prefix disable or @Vexera#8487 prefix disable.

Limiting the bot usage

You can limit the usage of the bot either by permissions see permissions, by channels or by role.

By channel

To deny the usage of Vexera's commands in specific channels, run +channeltoggle in the channels you don't want Vexera to work.
Users with either the Administrator Discord permission or the vexera.disabledOverride permission can bypass this.

By role

Be very careful using this feature as it could lock you out of Vexera's usage too!
To restrict Vexera to a specific role, such as the role Commander, you may run +accessrole Commander to do so.
Make sure you own this role too, so you can still use Vexera. To disable the accessrole just run +accessrole disable.
The server owner can bypass this.

Greetings & farewells

Give users who join your server a warm welcome and/or a cold farewell.


To give users who join your server some basic info or just a welcome, you can set a greeting with +greeting <channel> [text].
You can either post this greeting:

  • In a channel, eg #general
  • In direct messages (dm)
    • be warned that the user who joins the server needs to have direct messages enabled to get this message.


To say goodbye to users who left your server, do +farewell <channel> [text].
So, as an example, you could do +farewell #general Bye bye, %username%!.
You are not able to use dm as the channel argument as Vexera isn't able to predict when a user leaves.


By using variables, you are able to mention the user, just display the username or display the servername.
These should be included in the text as follows:

Variable Used in Usage Display
%mention% Greeting +greeting #general Welcome %mention% to my server! Welcome @luke#0123 to my server!
%username% Greeting & Farewell +greeting #general Welcome %username% in my server! Welcome luke#0123 in my server!
%server% Greeting & Farewell +greeting dm Welcome to %server%! Have fun out there! Welcome to Vexera Official! Have fun out there!


You are able to set your personal or server-wide locale (language) so you can always understand what Vexera is actually trying to tell you.
To view a list of available languages, do +locale list.

Personal language

To set your language which overwrites the server-wide language, you may want to run, as an example, +userlocale de. This will result in all replies of Vexera globally to be in German.

Server-wide language

To set the default language on your server, you may want to run as example +locale de. This will result in all replies of Vexera in your server to be in German.


In Vexera you can log infractions, punishments, joins and leaves.
To set those up, you use the command +log <action> <channel> [events].
The action argument is either add or remove, the channel is something like #mod-log or #join-log and the events are listed as follows:

Event What it does Usage
joins Displays recently joined users. +log add #join-log joins
leaves Displays recently left users. +log add #leave-log leaves
infractions Displays recently punished users. +log add #infractions infractions

The events can be bound together, so as example +log add #join-leaves joins leaves.